As a growing organization, TPN is constantly looking for new sales associates who can introduce and sell the solutions of companies we represent in various countries and regions across the globe.

Currently we have sales associates in Europe and North America but are looking to expand our network in various European countries, add more resources in North America and expand further into Asia, Australia, Africa and South America.

If you or your company has specific industry or horizontal expertise in areas like payment solutions, Banking, IT infrastructure optimization and further have a large network of contacts, preferably at C level, we want to talk to you.

How will you benefit?

  • TPN went through an exhaustive pre-selection process with the compannies we represent. We have prequalified their viability, uniqueness of their solution and have current contracts in place to represent them in international markets. No need for you to negotiate any further terms with them;
  • TPN has further internationalized the sales materials and will provide training on how to position the solution and provide you with a sales kit which will allow you to be productive , sell and earn comissions fast
  • TPN has negotiated an attractive commission structure already and you will benefit from this. The longer you are engaged with TPN and the more successful you are in generating sales in a consistent manor, the more you will benefit financially with the possibility to become a full revenue sharing partner in the future.
  • TPN offers access to additional  network partner organizations with C level contacts including EY, Deloitte and other specialized groups